Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services across Canada?

Yes! We work virtually and can provide accounting, bookkeeping, tax and advisory services all across the country. Our existing client base covers all the major (and many smaller) cities in Canada. We have recently started to expand to the US as well.

What's the difference between bookkeepers and accountants?

A bookkeeper’s and an accountant’s responsibilities sometimes overlap. But in general, a bookkeeper’s primary task is to record transactions, keep your books organized and up to date, while accountants provide financial analysis, and are more qualified to advise on tax matters.

We provide both these services, so you don’t have to go scouting for each individually! This also makes for an easier and stress-free tax time.

How long does it take to get my books up and running?

It all depends on your current situation. Usually we’ll get clients up and running in 7 to 10 business days. If your business requires significant catch up work, it may take longer.

I am behind with my books. Can you help me get caught up?

Yes! We can import your previous transactions and get your books in order.

Do I need to deliver my receipts and other documents in person?
No. We’ll set up integrations to obtain your financial transactions directly from your bank. We’ll also ask you to send us your digital bank statements on a monthly basis to reconcile your books and ensure complete accuracy.

You’ll need to keep your paper receipts on file in case of an audit by the government.

As an additional service, we can set up a digital receipts management system for your business. All you’ll have to do is snap a picture of your receipts to store them digitally. Audit support is included with this service.

What's the difference between accrual and cash based bookkeeping?
Under the accrual method, you have to report income in the fiscal period you earn it, regardless of when you receive the amount for payment. You can deduct allowable expenses in the fiscal period that you incur them, whether or not you pay for them in that period. Cash bookkeeping only looks at when money enters or leaves a bank account. Generally, you have to report business income using the accrual method of accounting. According to Canada Revenue Agency rules, only farmers, fishers and self-employed commission agents can use the cash based method.
Can you file income tax reports for my business and myself?

Yes! We have qualified tax experts who can prepare and file your income tax returns – both personal and corporate. See our Tax Returns section for more information.

Can you help me reduce my taxes?

We can surely help reduce your taxes by using various tax planning tools and reviewing your books. The end results depend on each client’s unique situation

How can your Business & CFO Advisory help my business?

Overseeing all aspects of your operations is time consuming. Our Business & CFO Advisory Program delivers customized financial advice & analysis – focusing on operational costs (control) & growth, and cash flow management. We will help you dive deep into your numbers and support you to make more informed decisions that will deliver better outcomes for your organization. See our CFO Advisory section for more details.

What is Estate Planning, and can you help me with it?

Estate planning refers to the process of disposing off assets after one’s passing away in such a way as to minimize expenses and income taxes. We have qualified experts who can help you plan your estate to achieve these objectives. See our Estate Planning section for more details.

Is support included? Can I ask questions?
Absolutely, your dedicated account manager will be happy to answer any questions you might have within a business day or sooner.

"Having a trustworthy virtual bookkeeping service lets us focus on growing our business, knowing our books are in good hands!”"

- Kathryn Morrison Co-Founder, CTO • Precision Analytics

"Bookkeeping for my restaurant business was a couple years behind when I contacted EVZO, which seemed like a very daunting task. They offered very fair rates and patiently prompted me for reminders to get any further documentation over to get things completed. Full transparency for charges, with prompt, professional, friendly, and understanding interactions. Really took the gut wrenching stress out of the process and made me feel instantly in good hands. Highly recommend!"

- Steve Auty

"The service and expertise provided from Evzo has been outstanding. They have helped my business stay organized and on track in all financial areas. I would recommend them to any business seeking a bookkeeping partner."

- Peter Mancini

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