Business & CFO Advisory

Businesses need timely, accurate and reliable financial information at their fingertips to grow and prosper – the key to this success is appointing a well-credentialled Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to guide you in making effective strategic business decisions.

EVZO understands that not every small & medium business can afford an in-house CFO, and therefore, offers a virtual CFO program. Our CFO expertise helps organisations of all sizes to experience the invaluable support this role provides – but without the financial burden of hiring a full-time senior executive.

Our CFO Program delivers customized financial advice & analysis to small & medium businesses. We focus on operational costs (control) & growth, and cash flow management. We will help you dive deep into your numbers, support you to make more informed decisions that will deliver better outcomes for your organization – while also taking care of time-consuming tasks such as your monthly bookkeeping.

CFO Advisory

Additional virtual outsourced CFO services we offer are:

  • Monthly cash flow, profit and loss, and management reporting
  • Annual budgeting and forecasts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking
  • Goals and action plans to keep you on track
  • Regular meetings to implement and improve strategies and action plans
  • Virtual CFO solutions
  • CFO services for start ups
  • Strategic CFO services

Overseeing all aspects of your operations is time consuming, so why not have a chat with the EVZO team today and discover how our CFO services can help you. With our support, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on what you do best within your business – and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re on the path to long-term financial success.

"Having a trustworthy virtual bookkeeping service lets us focus on growing our business, knowing our books are in good hands!”"

- Kathryn Morrison Co-Founder, CTO • Precision Analytics

"Bookkeeping for my restaurant business was a couple years behind when I contacted EVZO, which seemed like a very daunting task. They offered very fair rates and patiently prompted me for reminders to get any further documentation over to get things completed. Full transparency for charges, with prompt, professional, friendly, and understanding interactions. Really took the gut wrenching stress out of the process and made me feel instantly in good hands. Highly recommend!"

- Steve Auty

"The service and expertise provided from Evzo has been outstanding. They have helped my business stay organized and on track in all financial areas. I would recommend them to any business seeking a bookkeeping partner."

- Peter Mancini

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