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From Excitement to Frustration

As an entrepreneur, you decided to take that risk and started your own business. You work hard and you love what you do. Finally you’re on a path you’ve always dreamed of.

But as your business grows you’re realizing how overwhelming and frustrating it can be. Keeping track of finances, bills, payments and government requirements is taking up way too much of your time. Time that could be better spent working on improving your business.

You’re constantly faced with uncertainty and a bunch of open questions. How well is my business actually doing? What can I do better? Are all eligible expenses being deducted? Does expanding make financial sense right now? How do I pay my employees? What are my obligations towards the government? I look to be profitable but don’t seem to have the cash (potential cash flow issues)? Etc…

Accounting Experts - EVZO

The Expert Help You Need

With EVZO, you get a partner that will take care of your end-to-end needs – from bookkeeping and sales tax to income tax returns, tax planning, business and CFO advisory. We’ll get your business set up with efficient systems to help you in your day-to-day operations. And as your business grows, we are also able to advise you on mutual funds and other investments, estate planning, life and A&S insurances.

Your dedicated account manager will always be available to answer any questions you may have and provide straightforward reports & advise to give you the financial clarity you need.

No More Stress

The Path Forward

Going forward you’ll have a clear picture of your business and all of its financial ins and outs. Taking your business down the path of growth becomes less of a challenge.

You will be able to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Get financial clarity
  • Save Time and Money
  • Stress Free Tax Time
  • Get expert CFO advice
  • Make sound investments
  • Protect your family through estate planning and life and A&S insurance
  • Focus on your business

Why businesses choose EVZO

An Expert Partner

Our team is comprised of experienced bookkeepers, accounting & business professionals and investment advisors. We’re always ready to put our knowledge and experience to work in service of your business.

All Services Under One Roof

With EVZO, business do not have to scout for different partners to meet their bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing and planning, investment, insurance and estate planning, business, and CFO advisory needs. These are available to all our clients under ‘one roof’ and makes life much simpler as they deal with just one organization for all these varied needs!

Optimized Systems

We use industry leading software to set up an optimized workflow for your business. Processing paperwork becomes a thing of the past with our virtual document storage. You’ll save precious time by switching to EVZO.

Monthly Reports

Our easy-to-understand monthly reports and statements make financial decisions a breeze. Run your business with the confidence of knowing the ins-and-outs of your financial situation.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each client is different and therefore we offer custom solutions to our clients based on their specific needs.


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"Having a trustworthy virtual bookkeeping service lets us focus on growing our business, knowing our books are in good hands!”"

- Kathryn Morrison Co-Founder, CTO • Precision Analytics

"Bookkeeping for my restaurant business was a couple years behind when I contacted EVZO, which seemed like a very daunting task. They offered very fair rates and patiently prompted me for reminders to get any further documentation over to get things completed. Full transparency for charges, with prompt, professional, friendly, and understanding interactions. Really took the gut wrenching stress out of the process and made me feel instantly in good hands. Highly recommend!"

- Steve Auty

"The service and expertise provided from Evzo has been outstanding. They have helped my business stay organized and on track in all financial areas. I would recommend them to any business seeking a bookkeeping partner."

- Peter Mancini

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